The ex...factor

What if your ex the one you cried and pleaded to stay...wanted you ...again?
         Would you?  Would you not?
I figure it can go alot of ways           for example..
  • A) you refuse to have anything to do w/him
  • B)you seek revenge
  • C)you try it again
  • D)you are hesitant and don't want to be hurt again

If you choose A kudo's for you the scumbag is an ex for a reason.....but then again you'll never know what could have happen and you may possibly have future regrets regarding your choice

If you choose B yes revenge is sweet but at what cost and will it compromise you? Breaking his heart could only do what he did to you and think about it do you really want to be on his level....also don't karma come knock on your door talking about the rent is due.

If you choose C the obvious is that you still love him and can't let go so rewind to three weeks ago when your girlfriend(not like that) brought up his name and you went on a  raging rant full of obsenities ending in you cursing the day he was ever born....um hmmmm soooo yea home girl i believe you also he could very well do it ALL over agan!

If you choose D then your being cautious and aware of the consequences but the song "Do i stay or the do i go" keeps replaying in your head first off don't let this boy stress you out life is full of possibilty he could geniuely want you back or it could be a scheme but during your time apart you've both changed for better or for worse so which you does he want back...especially if you were not in the wrong of the previous relationship
so what to do what to do???

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