On a mission to be sexy !!

Last night my bestfriend discussed with me that she doesn't feel sexy and my feeling were parallel. It took me a while to even consider me as being even remotely attractive. True I don't have boys lined up around the corner and I have manyyyy flaws (outside/inside) but I think in pretty cute bro!:)
I want to be sexy in both ways
I want my personality to scream confidence
I want to classy with it tho becuase strippers are sexy
I want to have a msyterios sex appeal that keeps pursuers guessing
I want that glow that satisfied glow of knowing I'm a sexybeast
1) I own all these bracelets yo!
Why I only wear like two?
(perhaps a blogsale?)
I need to step mines up

2) how can I feel sexy????
What is sexy?
3) independent is sexy x2
4) maturity
(I can work on that)
5) clothing
Can tee shirt and jeans be sexy?
Can you be sexy on a budget?
6) I have small boobs and a small butt fml is that sexy?
Can skinny be sexy?
7) where do sexy people go?
8) I'm working on my sexy hair
I have things in mind
9) ughhhh somebody help me
I would like some male prospective as well
My comment button appears to be inactive (how do you solve that)
So just email me at ysyasa@yahoo.com
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated

Is it just me but does Just Wright look like it's going to be good?
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