Sexy is...

It's sexy to disagree for something you strongly believe in
It's sexy to sometimes... Not wear pantys
Lol don't judge me but being secretly naughty is not a crime !
Bending over is over rated standing taller with your head high is sexy
Red dress beats out a little black dress
Leggings and a blouse
I find my lace leggings

Fish net stocking
And other stocking very sexy:]
certain looks can be sexy instead of looking upside someones head
Keeping your nails/toes painted is sexy
Healthy hair is sexy
Being toned is sexy
Stepping out of your comfort zone is sexy
Giving good advice is sexy
Living up to your full potential is sexy
Studying is sexy (you cab even help someone else study wink* wink*)
taking care of your teeth is sexy
Smelling good is sexy!
Making good conversation is sexy
Broading your horizens is sexy
Dancing in the mirror is sexy
Lace bras/pantys sexy
Lipstick sexy in red? Even sexier
Letting your actions speak for you is sexy
Keeping promises is sexy
Having a clean car is sexy
Setting goals is sexy
Getting namebrands on sale is sexy
Not caring about the name of your clothes is even sexier
Being finacially secure is sexy
Not having intercourse is sexy(keep it tight ladies)
Not cussing is sexy but cussing only when you have is to is even sexier
Correcting and putting stupid females in their place is sexy
Smokey eye is sexy
Heels are sexy over 4 inches under 6 even sexier
Knowing what is going on in the works is sexy
Not engaging in gossip is sexy
Not putting up with your mans shit is sexy
Having a me day is sexy
4.0 gpa is sexy
Enjoying your own company is sexy
Doing things without approval of others is sexy
Checking him out and actually asking for his number is sexy
Being a role model is sexy
Confronting people talking shit about you and telling them to grow the hell up!!!!!
Losing control is unsexy remaining calm is sexy
Giving compliments is sexy
Setting the bar high is sexy
Single is sexy
Not settling is sexy
Owning a game system or genuiely being interested in sports is sexy
Smiling big and laughing in sexy
Going places alone is sexy ( & it makes it easier for a guy to talk to you!)
Going jogging is sexy
No debt is sexy
Not smoking weed like a black lip dumbass is sexy
Drinking but knowing your limit is sexy(drunk bitches are not sexy the rest of us giggle at you)
No PDA sexy (noone needs to know what you do)
People not knowing your sexual past/partners is way sexy(step it up ladies don't talk about your personal buissnes in public)
Making him work for it sexy
Texting him only when your bored sexy
Turning off your cell and making him wonder sexy
Keeping your own condoms is sexy
Not caring what celeb wore it in order for you to want it
Being yourself is sexy
Knowing that hip hop is not lil Wayne but rather Lupe,common,taliban kwali,ghostface,a tribe called quest etc is sexy
Eating out is sexy
Making him cook is sexy
Being places on time is sexy
Honesty is sexy
Not letting others tk your positive energy and turn into negetive is sexy
Being involved in your college/community is sexy
Travling is sexy
Not sending nude pictures is sexy(don't end up all on the web ;atleast crop your face out!)
Getting tested is sexy
Being openminded is sexy
Being unavailable is sexy
Knowing the history of your culture is sexy
Dating whoever and not limiting yourself is sexy
Elimnating ignorance in yourself is sexy
Educating yourself is sexy
Paying your bills on time is sexy
Giving 2nd chances only if earned not 3rd and 4ths
Not judging a book by it's cover is sexy
Taking a step back and evaulting what you did right/wrong is sexy
Giving respect where it's due is sexy
This is just a few
What do you find sexy?

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