Spring break woot woot!:)

Boo! I'm so lazy I didn't exactely plan out my trips so

I'm staying in boring ass Arizona
Buy I plan on ,although I'm not taking a vacation I will be having fun and making the most of my break because woot woot SPRING BREAK!!!!
My plans as followed
1st day - spring cleaning :/
2nd day- trying out this new resturant called the Bahamas grill or such
3rd day- movies to see two movies(yes,movie hopping is not stealing in my book) Alice in Wonderland && Cop out
4th day -museum either the art museum or the science museum
5th day-hmm... Undecided I shall fill in this blank by tommarow
6th day- CLUB idc w/who or where but I'm clubbin' bro
7th day- hallaujah church amen!
And read or start reading a new book

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