Ugh I'm so blah

Changes I'm planning on
1) be more vibrant
-personality &&& fashion wise
I plan to do this buy instead of buying a new wardrobe wearing all the clothes I do have a recreating new looks for
Example I have plenty of shoes that I don't wear and clothing I'm not bold enough to wear so ugh
That's .. Gonna ... Change ASAP!
2) be way more friendly not gonna lie...Ima Biotch!!!!!capital B 5ive exclamation points

3) my hair is so dang .... Blah
I want lust fir color in very dangerous vibrant hues and
I dare myself to play with my hair in so many ways it's gona be a shame I'm talking 4 different colors at once not sloppy neatly done
Curly,straight,wavy,pint up,slicked back,half up half down,curled to the side,purple,black,hot pink,blonde, striped colors, all black with peek a boo honey coloring, blonde in the back a red bang and black hair wow
Seriously trying to have hater hair
( hair that haters jack off to)
4) go places everywhere
-hookah bars
Man I want a full schedule
5) the last thing I couldn't decide between boys or makeup so I'll do both
I don't know how to flirt I'll be honest and if a boy trys to flirt w/ mr I get shy and diss them not to mention making lots of unfunny jokes so I want to be a hottie magnet
I want to draw them to me like bees on honey
I want to keep a convo going and have them begging for my #
lastly makeup what girl doesn't like make up ? I want to experiment with it and be bold and out there brights smokey eye liner cat eye reverse car eye sparkly thick lashes colored lashed I want it all in glitz my make up must upgrade as will the rest of me man I can't wait for these changes to fall into action
Because I wana be about not just talk about it!!!

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