capture my mind

Im thirsty for knowledge so education is my virtrue ...
So often it is that I ask these boys(because the definition they fit)
 challenge my mind
     That is the only way that you'll ever going to get my attention.
I value my time and don't allow it to be wasted .Dudes need
to step their game up I mean really none of your lines work.
It is 2010 and with that attitude in effect your b.s will no longer be
tolerated in my presence...it was barely allowed and now
not one stitch of your ignorence will sway me.
You can not woo me with your talk of your "money,
cars,your doing this your doing that" Boy please.

Man, its like after all this time you would think a light bulb would come on
and atleast one dude would grow up and be different from all the rest of
those lil boys and their lil games SMH

I want to be challenged ...I dare someone to challenge me.
Cultivate my thoughts feed my brain.
Turn me on with your vast vocabulary (and know what the words mean using them in context please)
psss...fill me up ...
with your carefully thought out logical opinons.
As we all know you boys like sex nothing wrong with it but control
yourself and don't chase down every cat that will lay on it's back
have some respect for yourselves.
I think Sammie said it best in his song Slow -' Girl I want your body ...but first i need your mind'
-Now that's saying something

Not saying all guys are alike but eh...do something new suprise me
This isn't to bash dudes because
GOD knows how classs less and stupid the new breed female is.

New breed Female:n;
One without knowledge,identity,often refers to herself as a barbie.Promotes drama and loves to call herself and her friend bad bitches.You can spot her by her tasteless clothing and bad weave(often brightly colored ie.pink). Isn't exactely doing anything new just b.s reincarated possibly learned from her hoodrat mom or lack ther of.

I could go on and on
So basically what im saying is step it up fellas
and ill keep stepping mines up

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