Please accept my apology ...
I remember those smiles...
I smile from those smiles...
That is if you know what I mean
Love stop making a fool of me!
You can be cruel at times medelling in my A & B life so C yourself out bringing up old memories of time not being important
Kisses that won't leave my brain;*
I know what love is...I know how it feels to have and not have it don't regret either I enjoyed it
Is this some sort of Deja vu??
I fall in love with all my boyfriend smh
I'm always in and out of love
I like to upgrade
I yearn to be upgraded made better
Listening to Tamia-can't get enough
Don't think I've ever felt like that
I want that
I want those butterflys back
I want to impress and make my mate proud
I'm ready for a mature relationship
I secretly like older men
And motorcycle guys
I openly like white boys with big lips/curly hair/swag
Enough is too much babe
I'm a extreme girly girl geez I need reconization of my feminism
I want love where you feel like you can't ever get enough

Awww...love struck
:) to be continued

With love...La

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