Song on my mind
Jill Scott hate on me
New blog:(
Mad at me
Successful by drake & Trey songz speaks volumes to me yuuup
Remember Chingy?? Man I loved me some chingy
Why do I hate Taylor swift??>:(
under- pleasure p =my jam
I fux with duffy look her up expand your musical taste
My gap is officailly gone now where's those bullies from 7th grade... Pounds fist in hand
I don't really celebrate any holidays except my brthdy && thanksgiving .. I know right sue me
Religion divides I love GOD why can't we all just get along
Jango is the best Internet investment ;)
Confession :
I'm a bag lady my past makes up my future ugh. let .me .be . Free.
Donnell jones my apology a oldie but goodie

With love...La

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