Lol my braces match my nails... And I know I'm doing wayyy too much ..anyways I know have a thicker brace and a power chain on my two front teeth my dentist said my gap should be closed in two months but already I see progress yay me:) then next is zoom whitining then porcelin(spell check) veniurs for my chipped tooth

Today I'm getting my hair done I'll post pics of the outcome
And tonight woot woot I want to have fun ..:)))
Btw my cousin broke my car door on the passenger side so that you can only open it from the outside hopefully it's just on child lock but I'm not giving out anymore rides I hate that when you get a whip everybody want to hit you up na buddy I'm cool
Ima charge $3/mile shit!!!
And my mom didn't do my fafsa welp what else is new I have to pay for school again fml

Any ways Im digging all the new fashion trend I bought this. Shirt yesterday I'll see how it works out

I bought the black ones yesterday $90 in 8 1/2 m I can't fit them they squeeze my feet but Ima try and loosen them up because the 9's were entirely too big but yea they are sexyyyy

I have over 3000 pics in my phone Ima go through and clean it up tonight
Oh yea and I need a layout that will enable my comments so I'll be on the prowl preferably pink/cheetah
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