What i bought yesterday

I'm so raggedly these days like it's not even funny my sister steals all my shit I hate my school everyone so fucking immature my mom has yet to so my fafsa she can care less about my educational advance fml Ima end up paying for it all by myself AGAIN life is hard no joke I just applyed for foodstamps I really need my eyebrows done they look like sharkbait Huna ha I dnt know what the eff to do to my hair Ima dye it today perm it tommarow
And gt some tracks sewed in next week

Btw I need a job I want a job I will get a job
Why it seem like everyone getting a job but me
I have alot of wants
Too manu wants
This boy in Jack in box was checking me out
I wanted to tell him dude don't do it I'm crazy emotions everywhere and you got a job...eh let's just say I'd be spendng it up
See how rude I am I look at everything as an advance for me?
Failure is not in my reality
I refuse to accept it
I have a potty mouth these days

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