Spice it up

Sometimes couples fall onto routine
It gets boring doing the same o sameo
And then couples usually break up due to boredem
Especially with summer coming short shorts,swim wear,and ripped bodies of others will be extraaaaaa tempting
So change your hair
Work out
Talk to each other
Do fun thing!!:)
etc etc
Summer honestly can break/make a couple
Remember it's not the quantity of time you spend together it's the quality make it last and memorable
I was once bored with how my My boyfriend dressed and his hairstyle so bored in fact o assumed he wasn't trying so I stopped trying not completely but I had stopped dressing up so recently in a discussion we came to a resolution
Spice It Up!!!!!!
My outfit the other day when I went to Macayo's Mexican resturant then ice skating
Me and my boyfriend have decided to spice it up a bit and do thing out of our norm and if we do go to one of "our" resturants (Garcias, Olive garden) we have to pick something on the menu we've never tried we had ro get out of the movie and dinner routine
so far it's been working out fine and today were going to the art museum and out to eat (lol we love going out to eat)somewhere undecided still maybe Thai food

I really miss my bestfriend I have alot of plans for us I'll discuss them in another post
And please excuse all grammer and spelling errors I will go through them on Friday I post from my phone I type fast and sometimes my phone changes or doesn't catch my errors Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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