What are you mixed with??>:(

Today someone asked me what I was mixed with?...??o_O
Why does it matter???? Grow up!!
I'm not the type that boast about having some cut in me who cares everyone does why let being mixed define you
I have black,jamacain,white,Navajo in me
My question is why do people pride theirselves on being mixed when litterally everyone is and if your not there's no difference I belives there's only 1 race the human race!!!!! Most times then none people end up getting races wrong for example my boyfriend is mixed with black and beligian(spell check) and people always think he's African
One thing that we can all be sure of is that we are all human don't let shades/races seperate because that's the devils plot
And that old light skin vs darkskin bullshit needs to stop learn your history het rid of tht slave mentallity they used that method of seperation to tame slaves!!! And personally I've seen many bad darkskin woman and I've seen many bull faces light woman and vice versa if your skintone is all you got going for yourself then just die I mean it cut it out WWJD lol tahts immature sad, and embarressing that especially in the African American culture that's going on what do you gain from it??? It's ignorant bullshit
Another thing why is having more pronounced features and course hair a bad thing ??? Why are you mad that God set you apart from everyone else if you would notice every one else is trying to get where you are
Examples tanning, volumizing hair, big lip surgeries. And hear we are hating ourselves and the definition God gave us society has everything messed up they want us to feel ugly so we can buy they're products..(ex. Thin lips ... so they have lip plumpers)
We are all beautiful in are own right
Although I've found that people who are blessed with more physical beauty are less blessed in inside beauty
Looks fade things change gravity takes it's course don't depend on your pretty face and thin waist to get you through life
:) love yourself inside in out I'm working on that god please give me serenty!!!!!
Also in a past post I states that as people we are alone I was wrong and I can admit that I not always right
As people we are never alone for god is always with us!!!
As of now I am humbled and content

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