These days all I have on my mind is success I'm doing everything in my power to acheive it
I've realized that in life you'll have more people trying to hold you back than you'll have people who support you
The biggest support should come from yourself
I can taste success I want to a young and accomplished individual
I deserve the best people don't understand that(thus the reason I splurge on me!) if I except nothing but the beat then that's what I'll get
I will do what needs to be done to acheive I will strive
I want a job but I don't need one
I will be a full time for the next 3 semesters but I'll take a job if it won't conflict with my schedule
I wish I had friends as motivated as me
I dress nice
Aspire nicer things
Get designer items
Go to get my hair done
All I gotta say is why you mad?
Step yours up
So anyways I've been doing better I'm not raggedly anymore
Today I'm doing my fafsa,adding math to my summer schedule,ice skating,and writing a paper for extra credit !!!
If noone else will say it I'm proud of myself :)
From on I will not talk about problems I will only talk about their solutions
I will speak positive into existence
No more doubt
I will turn my to-do list into to-done list
And all I have to say is

I am a threat
I am your competition
And yes this is a warning shot
I'm going for mines
I think we all should!!!???

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