Birthday girl woot woot

Today is my birthday y'all omg I'm the big 19!:D last night I went to this wack club I didn't come home until 4 something yay lol s first but my "bf" didn't come home at all just disrespectful buy that's another story I did something to my hair it's not what I wanted bit it's not too shabby either
Arrgg my final is due tommaro lol I'm finish it tonight thank god for CRE101 7am-9am finnaly being over tommaro it's was so trifiling getting up at 6am every morning

Ugh lol i'm posing which I hate but I didn't feel like smiling .....:( why should I when I feel like...

Lol that pictures sums me up my ex the one i'm still secretly in love with hasn't acknowledged my birthday yet
With love...La

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