For some reason I can't find it in my heart to accept her new request it may sound silly but I'm not ready to pretend it didn't happen and for sure we will bump heads again I refuse to censor myself for anyone

What is love?
What is knowledge?
What is pious?

I think once I venture out and get out of Arizona(hot,boring,& most people are unoriginal ) I will find love
I don't really have a type but for me a guy has to be
Well dressed
Well spoken
Pursuing an education
Taller than me
Drive his own car!
Sorry but no kids:/
Have a kind of mysterious thuggish swag
Not ghetto
All his teeth,white,no gold/grill
I prefer lowcuts/fades
Promote growth in the relationship
Etc etc etc you get the jest

I don't discriminate on race,shade,or they ignorace but we have to have things in common and know the boundaries of a black woman lol

Lately I've been really wanting to date out of my race I've had to almost but
#1 was a wanna be black boy ...uh if I want a black boy I'll get a black boy he was definetly too hood for me
#2 was awkward I think he just wanted to date a black girl for the sake of saying he's dated a black girl... Unfortunately he had no rhythm(dancing) and he was entirely to pale faced and extremely blond (almost white hair!) for my taste.

I don't think Latinos are attracted to me ... Well not the ones I'd date I live in AZ so Id know

I would date an islander but unfortunately from what I hear most are narrow minded and refuse to date out of there race they still think black people don't bathe lol ridiculous * note that I said most and this is from what I hear or have expirenced if this has offended anyone in anyway I am deeply sorry

With love...La

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