I got a job at Carters the baby store
I'm a full time summer school student
My classes are entertaining
I got an apartment
I've realized how lazy I am
Moving to cali next summer for school
My birthday is coming up
my gap is closed chip fixed and teeth straight
I being more social at school etc
Buying your own groccerys is no fun
My car is a wanch acting up
I never clean out my car buttt lately I've been motivated
My car shall be cleaned
My apartment shall be cleaned
My classes shall be completed w/A's
I will handle " the problem"
I shall cook dinner more
Pay my bills on time
Get my car fixed
Get my fafsa check
Gt my mail from my mom
And apply for foodstamps again
Wish my luck.....
Also I've decided to be a Dentist not a dental hygenist might as well go the whole way !:D

With love...La

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