baby shower invitations

1 choice of baby shower invitation:) -my fave
2nd choice baby shower invite

so yesterday i was bored sooooo... i purchased those items above. I couldnt decide on one diaper bag so i bought them both smh  i know i know i really need to stop and wait for the shower also i picked out the ring i want and the ring im getting him.
i cant post his ring just yet becuase my blog is my homepage and i dont want him to see it lol


  1. hey mamma!
    thanks for the comment&&following me:)
    congrats on the pregnancy so-so
    when you due ?
    hmk so i effing love all the jordan outfits you got
    for your little man,pretty damn cute
    my sons all about nike :)

    && i love your costume idea i wish i was that
    confident when i was prego,hell even now would be
    great,but i just had a baby sooo ima give myself a little more time..:)

  2. i just saw your other comments haha im pretty slow
    but thank you my son is pretty cute;)
    and yes he is mixed.

    as lame as this sounds ima say it anyway thanks
    for telling me im not ugly!!haha