whoo hoo its FRIDAY

i get paid today ....missed class today im so ughhhh i work 11-3p today

o yea i am in 3rd trimester 27 weeks & 4 days whoo hoo 87 days left or 12 weeks and 3 days\
i feel like im not gaining weight geez...im so small and from the back you wouldnt even be able to tell im preggo but i know something my size zero and 1 pants are a no go my hips have spread that much :)
my boyfriend thinks i have a butt i disagree but my chest has definetly fill out
anywho heres my stomach
im almost 7 months and i am not big i hope hes healthy and doesnt become a premie

omg this prego acne is killing me tho nothing helps so i just wash my face with water and mild soap and hope when hes born itll go back to before
good news: no strech marks :)

i soooo love this play yard they have one that goes with my stoller/carseat but im more into this for obvious reasons
monkey! green!
it comes with a bassinet and side pocket for only 69$! im trying to convince my bestfriend to buy this i want ittttt


  1. Congratulations to you and your baby boy! So when's your due date? Christmas time? I know you're young, but I'm glad that you're committed to finishing your education and to being a good mom. You will ultimately be the biggest enfluence in his life & with lots of love and support, you'll find that he will be your biggest enfluence and teacher as well.

    It's the greatest and toughest job you'll ever love! Lots of love to you and your sweetness...can't wait to see the cutie!

  2. thank you alot my due date is december 27th 2010 im soooo excited and not finishing school was NEVER an option for me i genuiely enjoy school and futhering my education. I know hopefully he'll teach me patience and to love myself more!:)thanks again for the comment it was sweet