So ...

Guess what blog I got it!:)

Awwww they sleep the same with their button noses

I bought this for Zion I love the orange!!

Me and hubby <3 this movie

I just love blogging lol nobody understand in AZ
Anyways I'm just planning my babyshower because I can depend on my mom smh lol
I don't know what to do
What games
What food/drinks served
Whose really going to show
I need me n Byron get our outfits together ( lol I'm weird I know)
I need to mk sure ppl will show
I need to finish my registries
It co Ed how do the men stay entertained what about the kids? Omg weather plz be good
I pray I get everything I want and more
Is my place a good choice
I need to clean eek
How should I decorate
If anyone has suggestion please tell me
And cupcakes or cake ? What kind

Ps I'd also like to thank all of my followers ESP the active one you're truly appreciated:)
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  1. Woorried

  2. love your birth plan mine was about the same,
    birth ball saved me until i got my epidural
    my epidural was a mistake it did more harm
    than good.
    and your cravings,girl i loved french fries!!
    from mcdonalds omg my favorite!
    that outfit for zion is soo cute.
    my son doesnt fit any of his jordan outfits
    anymore the hats are too small same with the
    socks and the onsies are getting tight,they grow
    up sooo fast! enjoy him being in your belly girl !
    sorry i cant comment that much only when i get
    near a computer which is hardly ever, but i read
    every post and wish i could comment them!
    but you are looking good girl,getting really soon now! are you getting anxious yet?

  3. lol why was was the epidural a mistake? please explain in lots of detail
    and thanks my BD loves it
    and yea ima just take lots of cute pics in the outfits and not stress on him growing out girl i got so much clothes thank god! and i havnt had the shower yet i hope ppl show up
    hell yea im anxious lol:) ready for his ass tobe out but grateful to stil have time