I have Cankles now :O I was on my feet and walking at some points running and it caught up with me I could hardly walk my ankles were on fire and felt like they would break with each step!:/ Now they're swollen but that wont stop me!:)
Didn't fully complete my list but I did well

^ Byron bought me a new phone case

^ my new nursing bra really cool with removable front (don't mind my sexiness:)

•got him some laundry soap,sandals,socks,receiving blankets,and a reversible sun hat:)
• got myself a navy blue shirt:)- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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  1. Girrrrrrl I had some big ass f'ing
    cankles I had sooo much water weight I put
    On 70 pounds!! I was super large.
    Your stomach is so cute I can see zion
    All layin out haha he looks pretty low,
    Did he drop can you feel him tryna'
    Escape? Haha