On my grind paid off my debt to school took all my finals and worked tomorrows my last day and I bought him some things

^ a birthday shirt(size 12 months of course)

^ already had the shirt
Missed my doc appt once a again
My to do list for tomorrow :
• make sure CIS is dropped
•put up signs to sell books bk to school
•Return clothes to carters
•Set up 10 ppl to tlk free
•Visit financial aid
• work 10-2:D
• go check on Zions chain
• get receiving blankets
• register for fall schedule
• get Zion some sandals
• buy myself something
• get card back from mom
•buy him a tummy mat
•buy pads(for those weeks after his birth)
•maybe take pictures hmm..
• take Byrons pants back to anchorblue

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