Hello sweeties:)

Blog this is my outfit today:

I love heels they are my thing!
Of course I got my backup

Also I found my fave lippy ever

^ major investment leaves lips refreshed and moisturized with a hint of color also has peppermint in it do it helps breath too Lol it feels tingly a little though if your into that!

^ also lol this is a funny fact that people tease me about constantly i am a self proclaimed coupon person i will not buy (a few exceptions) unless
A) on sale
B) i get a discount
C) have a coupon
D) its definitely worth its price

I do surveys, sign up for emails,collect ads,look around to price match!
Lol this is a recession and I do not be playing

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  1. while people are teasing u about collecting coupons u saving money. thats the way to survive in today's economy