What I've been up to

Pregnancy has definitely been an emotional roller coaster up then down
And although I've dressed cute ( or tried) had my hair cute,and tried to remain cute
I miss being SEXY!!!!!!
So I've been stocking up on SEXY things for after the pregnancy :
Lingerie( hella spell check)
Tiny dresses
I love feeling my lil man kick but come on dude you gots to go!! Mommy wants her body back ( what's left of it sigh)

Also bought me some smell good

For Zion
Because he's spoiled like that

^ new suit

^ new shoes

^ this bottle is amazing and all of the nipples convert to pacifiers

^ these shoes are so cute lil shark chucks

^ new suit and dress shoes

You already know yay 13's

Excuse the ugliness of my toes lol I love these shoes!!
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