Omg blog yay

For me!!!:)


So like yay me i got everything on sell talking about 3$ dress woot woot

For zion
Yay matching his shoes

A pram! For the winter the ears are so cute

A grandpa sweater lol this literally cracks me^ lol it's so tiny

On clearance so cheap had to buy it socks and an outfit for Halloween

Thanksgiving bib on sale

Omg bright socks!!:)

My granny loves the brown one lol

A outfit for winter just on case never know

Outfits for him and daddies matching 13s their getting 18th Omg can't wait!!!!

The 13s their getting!!!! Omg aren't they cute they will be matching

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  1. Love the sweater you got for your self and all the clothes for zion of course!! I have a thing for little sweaters haha Demetri god his pics w. Santa and he was wearing a cute little sweater vest :)
    I love buying baby clothes so much fun.