Tumblr ain't the bizz like mrs.C said feedback is way better on blog more personal and
Omg I know D's mom and Omg we could so dress them alike I think I bought too much though because I didn't intent on one time wears damn that means lots of pics to make the clothes worth it. I've been on the grind trying to help my mom buy a new car but dam I want to shop:/ .arrggg I already know I'm going to shop then rent then cell Idc about cell
Tho noone calls/text me booooo!!

^^^ 9 month prego belly

Hmmm... I've been feel extremely lazy like can't move stay in bed all day lazy ugh... My place is beyond dirty lol just look in the back of my pictures jk jk lol
1 more week of work/school yay!:)
Zions doing just fine I had a dream of my water breaking weird this girl due the same day as me had her baby lol no fair
He's so small and his lil limbs are always poking out of me literally at any given moment a arm is sticking visibly out of my stomach or a foot out of my other side not to mention the itty bitty hand in my belly button haha so funny
Ppl always ask me does it hurt me.... No its just weird :)
I'm ready ugh you better be here by Xmas lil boy arggg

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  1. For 9 months girl you look good!!

    9th month is the
    Longest but just
    Remember he will come out! He won't
    Stay in forever!
    Haha when I was prego with D I
    Honestly thought I'd have to get a c section cause I never had any braxton hicks o thought my body was just not preparing for him but the day before his due date my water broke haha.

    Girl all I can tell
    You if you aren't too tired try going for walks or something it keeps your mind of things and it kinda helps push little man down.

    And of course your going to take pics of every outfit !! And all the clothes will come in handy cause babies go
    through like 4 or 5 outfits a day when they are newborn

    Okay mama Demetrius needs to eat

    Belly rubs!!
    Take care girl.

  2. OMG 9 months already..! Dang I am soo happy i followed you blog I want to every picture once the baby is born.. lol.. yup stocker Bright lol.. jk

  3. Look at the belly!!! That stroller is too adorable

  4. awww look at your baby bump. l love the stroller