I feel like I'm an Atlanta chick I don't be on this AZ foolery when they worrying about everybody else but they damn self I have plenty of off day and a shitload of flaws but I be on the $ pushing myself forward doing what the he'll I got to do to make it and trust me baby I will make it
It's easy to throw and the towel and stuff my face and then be mad cause I can't lose this dayum stomach ughh too easy to belittle myself
What for though it doesn't help or change the situation so from now on I want to make SHIT happen!!!
Proactive that's the new me I'm a big procrastinator so this will seem at times impossible but I won't give up I can't afford to I want my son to have something so I must!!!!!! Grind

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  1. I agree with that! I say that shit to myself all the time (but I still procrastinate sometimes smh)!

  2. you're in AZ? Il;l be there this week. i need ideas on what to do while im there. HMU Twitter or my blog... something!!