Man I let my cousin cut my bang it's hideous she cut alot but I was able to make it look somewhat normal

As of now I'm a woman with fury my sons father although he's a good dad lacks in the romance department and he smokes weed/ drinks and partys too damn much while I'm trying to have a good family and be a good partner he does not motivate me I wish he could dress better get hair cuts regularly and strive harder for success like forreal i feel like he's not trying hard enough but you know what that's totally his loss
While he's bummin it out ima focus on me and of course Zion:) ima get a six pack
get rid of my "growth marks" learn how to do makeup
Keep my nails and toenails looking good
Ima be lotioned with soft skin,feet,and hands
Ima get my teeth cleaned and whitened
Ima kp this hair up and do sexy lil shit it's going to be on point
My style will be sexy and mature lots of leg exposing pieces with high ass heels
Accessories put together artfully
Eyebrows will be waxed
Legs,underarms,and punani shaved bald lol shit just got real and I gives no fucks
I'm too fucking good of bad chick to be wasting years on someone who can't a)notice
B)care c) match my fly
So dude miss me with all this bull shit you on ain't now chick as bad as me (lol I just had a moment) either you appreciate these goods for what I'm worth or u can bounce
Hes crimping my style I want me my dude and the baby too look good when we actually go places you know get out the house!!!!! Too many ppl will gladly replace him because I got my ish together
Take care of my son he stay fitted
I take care of myself for the most part
Not a moocher
I'm in school achieving my goals
I smell good nt that fru fru that new new!
I'm a social like to talk and be romantic
Got my own whip
Basically I'm a great deal
So what's his problem???
Does any1 else feel this way???
I just want love point.blank.period!

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