So I got in a car accident ugh
I'm ok though thank god
I had the right away and this guy took a left turn right into the driver side of my car so sad fml
Seems like everything going wrong
But anyways took my man man to get his shots..finally :)
Me n Byron are trying to work it out I guess he's going to school this fall so that's good :) he wants to be an elementary music teacher
Man I wish life was more awesome but.... It is what it is
I got hired at forever21

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  1. Glad you updated booboos!
    I was wondering if you got the job,glad
    You did! Now I need to up my game and
    Get a job haha ..
    You are so pretty and Zion is too damn cute

    .. Glad you are okay after that accident

    .. Hope you do good on your finals !