Sometimes I feel like im always waiting and that everything is soo far away which is a bummer I feel like I'm losing for instance it's this bad chick in my class she bad she's always on point her makeup flawless her clothes too die for her hair long healthy pretty man I try to be happy for her but I'm not it's hard I'm jealous GOD please humble me because that's a sin to covet and I have a friend that seems like everything I want She's getting I want a coach wristlets bam! She gets 2! I want the naked pallate boom! She has it even though the way she's getting some of her things is wrong and I don't agree with it idk because ain't nothing that important where your committing Crimes for it but dam I want it and that just means I'm not t peace with myself because before she started mentioning all these things they were in the background like sure it would be great to have but I could care less but from now on I'm not going to make big deals of these thing because they come and go so I will smile
Ps my sister a pregnant bitch man!
Pps feel lonely but thx GOD for my son Zion ;))))) goodnight blog

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  1. All you gotta do is keep doing what you're doing & it'll all come to you soon!