So my hair is horrible which is my point in being that ain't nobody got me! All these bitches is my step sons you think I'm lying ???
Why is my (blond WTF am I thinking ) track showing a friend can't donate me a perm 3$ just for me @ your local walmart nope my edges are crusty I aint got noone in these parts I can accept that how the he'll my eyebrows looking like shit around this camp when I know somebody my mother sister cousin anybody got $2 tweezers but no I'm walking around with a UNO brow looking like slideshow bob anybody can make lil comments but if you can't help me you ain't got me
I'm obviously a struggling full time+ college student I can only work at the most 8 hours weekly but forget everybody wait until I make it I'm not gonna have time for nobody or their problems I'm going to move far and do me I'll see you when I see you ain't wasting no gas on no one and another thing that upsets me deeply is how my sister etc knows how to braid but my hair looking like who shot John and forgot to kill him and my sister pregnant meaning my mom can't even help me anymore which I need fuck I can't catch a break can I???? My family doesn't support anyone man and nobody in my family has any helpful degrees smh they my motivation to keep doing me every morning my alarm drives me crazy at 6 am I be so damn tired but I look at Zion Aka my right hand man and I make my moves I put on those scrubs throw myself together running on maybe 5 hours of sleep and push it to school I love my son:) I think he understand that I'm doing it for him so today I'm done venting I'll brush it off and despite it all...

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