I've just decided

I'm taking a 14 day break from my family in order for me not to hurt anyones feeling or not get my feelings hurt I have to because I really do love them I just need a mental break and this is for the best I don't want to disrespect anyone and I don't want any rifts plus during this time I can get my self and my household together and also save gas I live on the other side of town :) so wish my luck smooches

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  1. I hear what your saying, family can be sometimes overwhelming and yet supportive all at the same time. Realizing we need each other is the first step to appreciating your family even if they have personal issues. Family breaks the lonely spell and sadness that tends to follow those who have no one. It is important for you to take a week or two to isolate yourself from the socialization of this world. Being alone is good if its healthy, it gives you time to yourself to reflect on your own personal issues. But fellowship with friends and love ones should always be viewed healthy vs. unhealthy. Take life one day at a time and just live.