La's Goals

Brackets off
Get glasses
Teeth cleaned and whitened
Be a happier person
Lose stomach
Learn how to blend make up
Buy make up and brushes
Be more girly
6 more pairs of heels by end of year
Buy and monokini
Clear face
Drink ,ore water
Eat healthier
Corns gone
Strech marks gone
Get more sleep
No talking about ANYONE!
Only love songs when riding with ADONIS ZION MAXWELL KEKOA HINTON
Get a camel colored belt
Get married
New bedroom set keyword set
2 bedroom 2bath apartment
Keep grades up
Manage money better
Get bank account/card
Clear debt
Respect family self and Byron
Try to respect and understand Byron
Pay raise by August
Go on a vacation
New living room furniture
Bedroom pictures and new theme
Zion monkey room and bathroom
Buy Zion new clothes
Buy self new clothes
Candles and air spray for house
Insurance on car
Toes done eye
New desk/chair/some sort of filing
Kitchen table
Perhaps washer/dyer
Wifi internet
Family pictures
New car
Keep hair done(find Will or an replacement)
Cook more
Keep house clean
More family outting
Get coach bag
Get juicy bag
Get nude wedges
Get white dress
Get tiara
Get Zion a suit for wedding
Get LA earring back
Get Netflix
Covered parking
Go to a Suns game
Go bowling
Go to a pool party
Double date
Get Zion in daycare
Go to marriage counseling
Go to movies
Go out to eat
Go to build a bear
Go to park
Get a louie vuitton
Get a coach wallet
Get nake pallete
Visit ATL
Visit a continent
Visit shakie
Go to Jamaica
Grow out hair
Get byron a microphone/headphones
Get laptop fixed/ 1 day I mac his & hers
Get mop
Get bathroom soap
Go to eye appt
Go to wic get zion shots
Get my shots
Get finger print clearance card
Go to museum
No more cuss words or n word
No put downs only positive
No stealing
No covet
Stay motivated
Apply for hygiene
Bcome dental hygenist (BA degree)
Apply for dental school
Go to dental school or get doctorate in education
Save for Zion college
Save for retirement
Invest in stock
Get aCD
Own a house
Visit NYC
Go to beach
Have a baby girl
Get gap between teeth closed
Get 3 new sandals ( white, camel, and black)
Get black heels
Be confident in myself
Cry less
Live life
Get new pots
Dress better
Get better camera
Get some UGG boots
Brush and floss regularly
Persuade Byron to practice better hygiene
Make new friends
Go out with friends more
Find a church and attend regularly
Repent sins
Read bible more to myself/Zion
Praise GOD more get saved
Go to Disneyland
Forgive more
ME time
Read more
Start a book club
Visit vegas
Learn how to dance
Zion ears pierced
Byron a tattoo
Be at peace
Take yoga
Take salsa
Get better bras

1 comment:

  1. I love this...I read the whole thang lol..I need to seriously sit down and write a goal list but I want mine to be a 5 year one. MAn that's gonna be long lol

    I saw a lot of things that are also goals of mine. Like reading the bible...I'm trying to set aside 30 minutes a day of just reading my bible. I'm on day 3 lol so far so good =]

    Also, You should watch Youtube videos on how to blend makeup. It really helps I have a channel I havent taked about blending yet lol but if you like it you should subscribe and look for more beauty youtubers...let me know if you want me to give you a list of some great ones to subscribe to =]

    my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialKayvonaB?feature=mhum