boy oh boy :)

things have changed drastically for me. My school is officially dumb they ruined my financial aid grant for the summer so i am now trying to pay for my classes womp womp wopm as far as school :/ im scared i want to do well but honestly the class is fast paced and i had to miss a day or two because booboo had a really high fever 104 omg was super scary i lost my iphone my buddy aka tech bestfriend :((((( so dang depressing freaking egg i know theres a lesson in the midst of it all im just missing it
so anyways
this is my priorities :
50% my ponyo :)
20% school
10% bills
10% work
9.5% byron/family/etc
0.5% me:(
i am unable to efficiently complete anyone of these things and being pulled all these ways is exhausting
i feel like im losing at life
noone cuts me a break noone helps noone understands
i refuse to give up without a fight
i have work 2maro an exam on monday that i cant afford the book too also somehow someway byron managed to delete every single photo i had of the computer sigh
things will get better blog i can feel it anywho goodbye smooches luv ya

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