it is my belief

that you NEVER forget the one who first showed you love
who made you feel worthy
who let you know you were...sexy
who laughed with you and made heart skip a beat
who had you up at 3 am 3:24am too be exact because that was "our" time
when the whole world ceased to exist and you two would study your french worlds or talk about your day and always always ja taime promettre at the end of the conversation
the butterflys you felt when the caller id would light up my love! with the ringtone "bubbly"
the constant smile on your face because somebody in this entire word loved you
the hot feeling of desire feeling your body becuase of the shower of compliments you always recieved
man i love love
the letters the cds the smiles the satisfaction sigh....
you never.....forget
no matter how you parted
you never.....forget
i love you forver and always love la

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