im back on track at school yay me i got an A on my exam and FMS(full mouth series for xrays) im almost caught up man im never missing a day geez catching up is hard soooooo im so dang lazy why idk god please get this procrastinating demon off my back!!!!!
i cant wait to extern omg going to be so fun!
i cant wait to be an hygenist then a dentist i love teeth so much lol weird right?
one thing that help with my lack of motivation are daily to-do-list when i remember to make them. so anyways my birthday is next monday woot woot thank you jesus for another year all i want is hmm...a new hairstyle(doubt ill gt it but whatevs) my 3 favorite foods(im being greedy) idk what else maybe just my tuition payed off or my car insurence payed for lol im so practical this year lol ill be >.....20!!!!! wow double digits
so ummm...ive been cooking alot more yum:]
i miss having a cell phone but then again not really i feel free but disconnected
thank god for this blog

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