i think people owe me stuff which is a problem
i think my life is a movie
i want conseling and try to consel others even though i need to take my own advice
im narrow mined
i dont have standards but at the same time i may have too many standards
im clingy i dont like my bestfriends to have other bestfriends
i dont love whole heartedly because im embarressed to look soft or look dumb when they leave are it doesnt work
i have a hard time cherishing good things/momments because im always looking fro the other shoes to drop
i am a hater! i hate on things or people and it needs to stop
i think tv is real but its not
to be continued im bored


  1. Why the fuck do we live in different states?
    I swear to you we are exactly alike! I hate when my friends have other friens ,
    I'm so sensitive I want people to always comfort me .. And I'm a hella hater haha
    We need to be bffs.

  2. No you dont need to be bestfriends she already has a bestfriend. Kiss my Godson for me La! Why did ur "bestfriends" have an s? I'm hurt. You have ONE bestfriend. Aye we should email eachother or write eachother letters. It would be so touching! I miss you so much it hurts ):

  3. girl i kno wat u goin thru rite now, u just gotta stay positive and ul get thru it all- my bffs r there 4 me and im sure urs are there 4 u 2 whenever u need them thats wat friends r for rite? sometimes i just eat when im stressed and i gota stop that 2 its makin me fat lol i wish we lived in the same city gurl u kno i got ur back if u ever need nething xoxox

  4. I don't like it either when my bestfriend has other best friends