wheres my gold earrings wheres my iphone?

byron pawned them for a grand total less than 300$ smh thats so depressing
then today on my bday i come home from school and work to see that my son has a patch of hair missing and byrons trying to play it off life i had something to do wit it and he barely noticed i cant tk much more of this but im backed in a corner nowhere else to go and stay my mom does not act like a mom sorry to say shes childish and abusive today 6/27/2011 i am at the end of my rope about to sell my computer i ayed 900$ for just 300$ t pay the remainder off my school idk what else to do noone in my family is dependable or stable enough to ask to borrow 250$ for school i hate everybody in the world right now from now on im only about me and zion sorry to be this way but zions my left hand man and aint nobody paying my bill( well byron is but eff him to the maxxxxxxxxx)i honestly want to cut byron open with a very sharp object n stomp on him with some very sharp stile-toes with him i cant win because he aint on my team only zion is how sad that i have noone ???????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
thank you God for this lesson in life i promise you that im leaning everyday and becoming more resilient i forgive everybody and hate noone but i wont nothing to do with anyone in life right now but my job, my school, and my two friends bri and emily love yall yall keep me going and thanks bri for always being there to lift me up and wishing me happy birthday a million and 3 x lol your awesome
anywho if you dont hear from me for a while (maybe until i get my student aid $ ) you know whats up from now on the only things im buying are personal items zion things dulce a few things bradly stuff for his bday and gs forget everything else im still sad thogh because it aint fair im working my ass off to be the best i can but still still nothing but then again if innocent babies die everyday life isnt meant to bee fair smh:(

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