crackhead shit

list of shit i find to be crackhead shit:
selling 900$ earring for 40$ wth
selling a phone thats not yours(-$600)for 221$
dissing your children for a man
buying weed and a broke down dvd player from your friend but not buying wipes for your child?
being jealous of your child for doing something in life?
saying you have one child
not being able to control your anger
leaving dishes in the sink and claiming youll do them in the morning and the next and the next
working full time for minimum wage with no life goals
having naps in your head past 10am
going to the club in busted gear you and your friend
thinking you can sing and drowning my fb with the bullshit
lying for no damn reason
not being a MAN
not being a WOMAN/LADY
etc etc etc
oh yea did i mention i hate everybody

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