so im eating a cheesy gordita from tco bell istening to florence + the machines "dog days are over" wondering what it must be like to live in alaska

is it really dark all the time?
is there even a summertime?
what do you wear?
how cold does it get?
where do you shop is there a mall?
is it small cities?
is the cost of living high?
what colleges are out there?
is there a taco bell  mcdonalds?
are there black people out there?
are there hotties out there lol at the word hotties though
hmm...brb going to research

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  1. Since I'm from alaska I shall answer your questions!

    Its dark in the winter.. Like hella dark.
    Summer time its stays light out alllllll day
    There's only like 2 hours of darkness..
    Land of the midnight sun.. Black curtains are
    The way to go!

    There is a summertime.. Its kinda bunk
    But alaskans kinda can't take heat haha so
    Its all good anybody from out of state
    Just try to come up during winter see how long
    You last ;)

    You wear whatever.. Haha winter everyone wears
    Ugss.. Haha

    It gets pretty damn get like I remeber in december
    It was -6 it gets colder but that was the one
    Time I called to check the weather.

    There are 2 malls in anchorage they both
    Suck hella bad but we have the essantails ,
    Jcp , nordstrom , coach , bebe , old navy , gap
    Blah blah blah nothing that legit

    We do have small towns.. I live in anchorage
    The bigest city so I'm a city girl I don't know
    Much about every where else

    The cost of living is high everywhere!
    Haha but the cheapest apartment is probably like
    900 dollars?
    We don't have tax on anything so that's always a plus

    We have u.a.a and a.p.u and charter colleges

    Lots of taco bells and mcdonalds haha alaskans
    Need the extra fat! Haha

    As for black people.. Yeah there are my baby dad is
    Black I've only ever dated black boys
    There are some fine guys not going to lie but you
    Got to know where to look..most of them are hoes
    Though just like the girls up here... Hoooes.