so these past 2 wks feel like years i cant believe how much ive been through   learned!
i was stranded on the freeway with my son noone came! i was lost on the dark freeway for hours w/o a cell i had to jump off the freeway and walk home with my heavy 6 month old 20 blocks!!! from that i learned to always keep gas in my car, i have noone, if i was to move id be ok. then the next morning i caught the first bus by 6am snuck gas on the bus the jumped back on the freeway to save my car which was in the process of being towed i got gas al over my hands were in pain and burning because the gas can was faulty but i made it thank GOD! also at work ive been doing well going in  early ill continue later im bored lol


  1. Aww! Shit , that's horrible I would have come and got you in a second!

    Mad Respect though walking 20 blocks with a baby
    I can't even walk up stairs with my lil' man

  2. =O your right u do have a lot to tell me

  3. wow I don't know how I would have survived in your situation. kudos to u for getting through it.