goalie goal goals:)

despite all the downfalls i smile because i am living and GOD has a better plan for me
so my goals are
to become debt free!!!!!!!! lol my advice to anyone out of high school do not fall for the payment plan gimmicks because if you can;t pay in full at the time don't do it life is unpredicatable you can not count next months money ahead of time and if you do pay ahead of time do not let them persuade them into buying or adding on unless your sure its included in what you've paid for
to pass all my classes this summer...i got this thank you Jesus
to make sure my fall semester things are up to date and buy books
take zion to the doctors..(ill see depends on drivers status sadly)
go to work and school on time!
get insurance !
keep gas in my car
keep thinking forward :)
focus on me and mines let others fend for themselves
change hair to curly
forgive and pray read the bible atleast every other day amen
be more humble
invest my money wisely

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