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so AZ has to be the dumbest effin state 
they force every car to have insurance (doesn't matter how much you dont make or bills you have prior) because not to be racist there's alot of Hispanics and undocumented people and the cops out here are nasty racist against Hispanics smh shame shame i think that is there loop hole to lock them up ok not all cops but some where i live its highly populated with Mexicans which i dont mind i love everybody :) and i always see them getting pulled over for literally nada then 9 times out of 10 there car is being towed in there in cuffs smh but anyways this relates to me because im poor and cant afford it so because i dont have it i had to pay 514.60$ which i thought i set up a payment plan surprise surprise they claim i didnt wth then why was i talking to that lady ehhh... but i specifically remember that i didnt lose or get my license suspended and now i get a letter saying amount due asap huh? and then due to non-payment license revoked wtf umm..no i only go to work and school so that cant happen they would at least have to give me a restricted (only work school or daycare) suspension which i dont understand why im getting anyways im a law abiding citizen literally i dont even litter or jaywalk im scared!:0 so why all this bull stuff first chance i get im heading over there because this is crazy i cant afford insurance dude they're has to be some loop hole for poor people like me lol but really another monthly bill i have a mouth to feed hello but anyways i went online as soon as i got the notice and paid 214.60 lol at the 0.60 because thats how i am i dont like something hanging over my head so if i have it ill pay it which is why i know theyre bull stuffing because there was no other notice that i received or else i would have payed it when i had $ even before i pyed the rent having a licence is a honor and i also remember the payment lady telling me that i didnt make enough to start a payment plan (wth just let me pay) and that i would have to apply for 5 jobs and hear back from them to start ( lol in this economy slim chance i thought ) and sure enough after applying every dam where no calls then my dum phone broke so.....what  do you want magic? ( juggles zion on my head while belly dancing) im trying to laugh this off but im upset because my intergrity is on the line i earned my privilege to drive!!! 

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  1. Sorry to hear about your insurance situation. I live in Texas & we've had mandatory liability insurance laws for at least 15 years now. You might try getting a quote from Esurance. So far I've been with them for over 8 years. I can't find anyone who can beat their premium rates!