my 6 month everything

let me start off by saying i love you zion i love tht smile you wake up with i love the cry you go to bed with
i love that we went on our first movie date together to see bad teacher and it was great
you talk alot of gibberish but you always know what to say to mke me feel better because those goos and gas make since to your mommy la
i love shopping for you more than i do myself i spend more time getting you ready than i do myself
at this point your trying to fit everything in your mouth and im trying to fit everything in my head (school wise)
i tell you my dreams ..and your because your capable of anything of course and you dont laugh or criticize me you smile and support me...as i like to think:)
you hate bottles to death and are still being breast fed although you will eat most anything you can swallow
i go to work school for you papi
i hate so much to leave you but this the differece between you going to public school or private school riding the bus at 16 or getting a car so yea i got your back lil z just like you got mines forever and always i love you my 6 month everything:)


  1. His Godmother (:July 9, 2011 at 6:58 PM


  2. I love this so much. Awww ! Lil baby z so damn cute
    You are such a good mommy!

    So there's this street in anchorage called "zion" everytime
    I drive past it I think of you and baby z :)

  3. aww,...thanks guys and really? when i grow up lol thats the street well live on :)