and they wonder why!?

so tonight my cousin found an ipad and he kept it
why do i care ??
because the police tracked it over my granny house and two cars pulled up full of
rude ass cop and trhey wonder why people disrespect them because
some of them not all prove there stigma right
they abuse power and have a small penis problem that they never solved
usually i respect my law system but im losing faith that was completely unnecessary why the fuck are you guys tracking down a ipad and not fighting crime though fuck out here with your self-righteous ass kiss my black ass you and your smug look on your face man im so irritated that bothered me because why are they so rude to citizens they claim to protect and serve where were the police when ughhhh soooo disgusted i hate when people anybody abuses power ima do me though because karma got them we all have to answer to someone!

1 comment:

  1. Fuck the police!
    Goddamn I cannot stand them , for real
    They are all crooked , dirty ass mother fuckers.