I don't like how agressive Byron is with Zion it's really starting to bug me how heyells at him and picks him up or spanks him I'm trying to let him be a father but there's a thin line between discipline and abuse hurt people hurt people!

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  1. I don't want to interfere in shit like this.. Ever
    But that's your baby.. If you feel its not right
    Its not right.. Zion is 10 month? He is too damn$young to comprehend that hitting him is a form of discipline he just thinks he's getting hurt or yelled at
    That is not good for babies at all..
    You need to step in.. Because honey.. Its not right.

  2. Zions FURIOUS Godmom!September 19, 2011 at 9:40 PM

    OMG STOP HIM BEFORE I KILL HIM! Thats not discipline thats punishment! Punishment means pain discipline means deciple! He is too young to be even getting disciplined he's playing thats how babies learn! Parents and Children need mutual respect and Byron is disrespecting him! Byron is hurting him in the long run. Protect your baby La. This is making me so sad OMG you know this is my passion I'm learning about this in class. He has to stop. He is damaging their relationship and My Godson is too young to even understand right from wrong. Untill he is 5 he needs to explore as much as he can not be punished for being a learning baby. I'm gonna kill Byron. Check his ass now!

  3. Sweetie, as Zion's mother, I really hope you will trust your feelings on this. I have to say that I disagree with you on a thin line between discipline and abuse. The actual word "discipline" means "to disciple" which means "to teach." Which is why Jesus' closest followers were called his disciples. Hitting, yanking, yelling...that's abuse. It is physial and emotional abuse.

    I completely agree with Zion's Godmom on this. She hit the nail on the head. My daughter is two and a half and I have never, ever laid a hand on her. Not a slap on her hand, not a smack on her bottom. I just don't believe in it, ESPECIALLY at this young age. Aside from the completely inappropriate age, hitting and spanking teaches children to resolve problems by hitting as well.

    Hitting and other forms of corporal punishment actually is proven (according to several well-known studies) to be very effective in limiting a child's behavior. Some parents like this. However, the effectiveness is only short term.

    The type of discipline you want to instill in your child, and that you want others to instill him should be one of love and respect, so that he eventually learns SELF discipline. And self discipline, my dear, comes from a place of high self esteem. Hitting your child, or allowing someone else to hit them, seriously damages a little person's self esteem.

    Please put a stop to this. Much love to you and your precious baby boy.