hi, my name is: La Monique
never in my life have i been:a dare devil I'm wack...:[
the one person who can drive me nuts is: melania lania Ellis the first of her kind!!!!!(insert evil picture here)
when i’m nervous:i sttuter and get a deep voice. And butterflys
the last song i listened to was: nicki minaj-freaky girl remix
if i were to get married right now my maid of honor would be: Brittani Nalani!:]
my hair is:fake..
when I was 5: my dad died,I ditched classes haha,I ate mud pies w
last christmas: was wild with conehead lmao!:(
i should be: doing my hair ,cleaning,making plans to go out!!!arrggg
when i look down i see: my iphone.
the happiest recent event was:getting $$$ and buying everything I ever wanted, getting license,my little bros laugh,etc
by this time next year: I should have my AA degree,have a Chrysler 300,
my current love: nails,lipstick,leggings,big earrings,life,GOD,zebra print,Bradley,pink,lol etcc.
i have a hard time understanding: why people judge!
something bad that happened to me last week was:??? My hair is disgusting!!
if i won an award, the first person i would tell would be:my best friend
the next thing(s) i want to purchase:these $80 bakers heels,mac laptop,clothes
if you visited the place i was born: you’d be just as clueless about as I am
i plan to visit:Jamaica!!:]

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