Changes I'm in the progress of..

My month goal is to wear these

Leaf him at the alter,mad hatter,sweet success,madellion,and ruby slippers man I love the names of nail polish they're always creative!!

I don't usually like v/s spray but this one is divine so I'll be wearing this one all month

I want to try more and be more creative with my nails so
I'm trying weird things(that I saw others try)

An eyeball

Pokie ball

Pokie ball and picachu


I did my cousins nails she loved them and paid me$2 it's not much but it's a start
I think it's so cute how I set up shop I have my magazines up to date and ready for my "clients"
I play soothing music
I use my gloves and mask lol
And have all my nail tools ready

I heart this cereal
Man what more can I ask for...

I'm making a big hair change

Who knows what I'll do lol

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