I hate when people talk about me it makes me very sad so what I'm not pretty to you why I have to be?? Does that give you the right to insult me then laugh with your friends!!??
I have done anything to deserve that from you so be ashamed of yourself you try to ruin my day and steal my joy but your not worth my time true it hurt to hear such verbal abuse but what am I to expect from a insecure lost boy that lacks confidence I could have said many things that would have hurt you but silence was my sword and all I said was you don't even want to know what you look like so fuck you fuck your life I tryed to be civil but you can't be civil with those who love to belittle others and bring someone down they lack something and deserve to have people like me in there life so toodles:D I can't even be mad at you but don't expect your presence to ever be acknowledged lol don't even expect a cup of water if you were in the desert on you 10000th day w/o water you
DEAD to me!!!!!!
There I feel way better :]
Ps I'm am beautiful in every way that GOD has made me and amen to that !

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