Geez, I'm addicted to fresh ass jays y'all I can't help it when I see something this sexy I gt to hav it! And Im no longer a sneaker chick but dam I really need these in my life
"for the love of the game"7's


Oh btw me no fuck with lame ass team jordans lol... Fuck outta here with those
Anyways I'm a short skinny person ... I try to wear things that flatter me
I have very very toned legs(get compliments all the time!:))
I like my hair very curly or long &straight with crinkled are mounds of curls
A few examples of my dream hair
Ex: my sisters bff(Asian chick)

I'll admit it... I'm so obsessed with her hair ughhh lol I can't wait until my student loan
Ima do it up( after my books/tuition paid for of course)
My hair gona be just like that watch!
This will be an investment lol

Also psssshhh... If it all works out Ima gt a iMac (with free ipad printer wireless mouse/keyboard)
Idk though because I'm living with such a lame Ima be all like get off my shit lol

With love...La

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