I know I've said it before but I am done >:( I'm done with him mentally emotionally and spirtually although I am forced by my lease to live with him it is no longer an us . I don't dislike him rather I'm disgusted by him and his actions or should I say the lack of them
I refuse to bound any longer
By your jealousy checking my phone behind my back lying talking to other girls partying every week self
Grow the Fuck Up!!!
I can't be with someone unmotivated
Lacking goals
Depending on me
Watching my every move enviously
You disgust me dude
You are a loser my definition
True I believed in you but it's out the window
I know for a fact! That I can do way better then you
He had the nerves and I quote theeee absolute nerves to tell me I'm materialistic WTF
Yes I believe in working hard and striving or looking at to achieve the finer things in life umm... Duh!
Where have you been at?
Oh yea and all of a sudden you smoke,drink, and think you can talk to me any kind of way??? Right? Fuck outta here you lame
On... To... The ... Next...one!
Also I can feel him draining

me and my pockets dry I'm tired of it I'm not paying any bills this month bitch Im done carrying ur dead ass weight!

With love...La

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